In families, how do you know if a family member is having a good day or bad?

  They tell you!

In business, how do you know if your customer is impressed or upset with your service?

  They tell you!

As a consumer, what do you do when you are extremely pleased or dissatisfied with a product or service?

  You tell someone!

So, how do our elected officials know if we agree or disagree with their representation of us, their constituents, their “employer”?

They don’t … unless we tell them!


Legislation can impact the well-being of animals, including our personal pets. If you can spare 10 minutes in your busy schedule, you can have a tremendous impact helping animals!

Step 1: Find out who your representatives and senators are by clicking on the link below:

Look up your state elected officials: State Elected Officials

Look up your Federal elected officials: Federal Elected Officials

Now you are ready to start making an impact!

Step 2: Be aware of proposed animal-related legislation and let your representative know your opinion regarding their vote.

Check back for legislation updates! 


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