Our Pal’s Place offers fun-filled, week long camp programs June-July where kids play with orphaned puppies, dogs and cats housed in our Pet Adoption Facility, participate in activities that help homeless pets and learn about solutions to the problems they face. Registration for Camp O.P.P. will begin in February. In the meanwhile, if you have questions regarding our camp, please contact gigi.graves@ourpalsplace.org.

Camp O.P.P. is for rising 4th – 8th graders who want to play with and learn about pets. Each day starts in the Learning Center of Our Pal’s Place with interactive activities and moves to hands-on experience with the dog and cat residents in our Pet Adoption Facility to practice what was learned. Camp programs include:

Pet Companions: What better way to learn about dog and cat companions than through hands-on activities! Our Pet Companion camp combines the fun of playing with puppies, dogs and cats with learning how to care for a pet companion including understanding how they communicate with us, learning dog breeds, shopping for pet supplies and training including a talent show!

Rescue & Adopt: This camp combines fun, hands-on activities with the dogs and cats of Our Pal’s Place with learning how rescue organizations operate. Campers will team up to create their own rescue organization which they will operate for the week. They will learn about dogs and cats and then pick which to “rescue”. Through hands-on activities, they will care-for their rescues including playing, walking and bathing them. At the end of the week, each rescue will pretend to “adopt” their dogs and cats into homes. 

Kindness & Compassion for All Animals is the signature program of Camp O.P.P. now in its 13th year! Campers learn about rescued dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, birds and ferrets through hands-on activities with these orphan pets. This camp includes an off-site visit to Bearfoot Ranch and an on-site visits from Georgia House Rabbit Society, Papyago Bird Rescue House and Kindness Matters Ferret Rescue.

Helping Animals is designed for rising 7th – 9th graders who are interested in animal related professions or just want to learn how to help animals. Throughout the week, we meet professionals working in animal-related fields and learn how we can help animals, just as animals help humans. Campers learn about veterinarian medicine from Dr. Shepherd at North Roswell Vet Clinic, visit Cobb County Animal Shelter to rescue dogs, experience agility and frisbee competitions with Marni Brown and talk to Cobb County K9 Police Officers. Throughout the week, campers have plenty of hands-on activities and opportunities to help the orphan dogs and cats housed in our Pet Adoption Facility as well.


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