As with any life changing event ... getting married, having a baby, changing jobs, retiring ... there is an adjustment period. And during that adjustment period, emotions can range from excitement to fear to frustration to "what have I done?!" until you settle into the change.

The same applies to bringing a new pet companion into your home. Not only are you adjusting to having a new family member, your pet is adjusting to your routine, learning the house rules and adapting to your expectations. Recognizing some transitions are easier than others, we are here to provide any support you and the pet companion you adopted from Our Pal’s Place may need:

  • Phone consultations: Many times, challenges can be discussed over the phone and simple resolutions suggested.
  • One-on-One Help: Sandy Adcock - Director of Training, Amanda Wilkinson - K9 Coach Lead, and our team of Advanced Coaches can meet you at Our Pal's Place to work one-on-one with you and the pet companion you adopted from Our Pal’s Place.
  • In-Home Help: Sometimes challenges need to be better understood and addressed in the home environment. Sandy Adcock - Director of Training or Amanda Wilkinson - K9 Coach Lead can schedule a convenient time to visit your home to assist with challenges.

If you are having challenges with a pet companion adopted from Our Pal's Place, we are here to help! Please reference your adoption contract for contact information.

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