Roux's Story...

I had been in the county shelter for 3 months when Our Pal’s Place found me. Because I am a dark colored dog, people would walk past not even noticing me. I was being calm and quiet trying to show my good manners, but no one stopped. Sometimes it seemed like the rowdy dogs got more attention than us well behaved ones. The longer I sat in the county shelter, the more scared I became. My fur started thinning as a result of the stress. I knew my time was coming to an end. Then one day, some people actually stopped at my cell and paid attention to me! They took me into the “bonding room” and made me feel so special! I knew I would be safe with them. One of the best days of my life was walking out of the county shelter knowing I would never return. When I arrived to O.P.P., I received a comfortable bed, lots of toys, a big bowl of water and good food. I enjoy exploring the fenced yard, and I always come when called back inside. My favorite past time is playing ball and afterwards snuggling up with my person. My Christmas wish is a home for the holidays and to have my own forever family!

Roux's Letter to Santa ...

Dear Santa,

I really want a family and home! The volunteers at O.P.P. are so nice and I'll miss them, but having my own family and home is what I dream of most. I'd like to give O.P.P. a monetary donation for Christmas to help the other dog residents who I've made friends with.

Love, Roux


Gender: Female
Size: Medium 20-90lb
Full-Grown: Yes
Primary Breed: Black Lab, Shar Pei Blend
Rescued From: Cobb County Animal Shelter
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: Yes
House Trained: Yes

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