Molly's Story...

Being an outside dog was really tough on me. Always being exposed to the weather elements, having fleas and a poor diet really took a toll on my skin and fur. But, the worst part of it for me was not being with my human companions. Always outside and alone really got to me. In some respects, ending up in the county shelter wasn’t the worst thing. At least I was indoors and cared for. But, I hit the jack pot when Our Pal’s Place rescued me! Now I have a comfy bed with blankets to snuggle in, bones which I really enjoy chewing, lots of water and good nutritious food! I’m already feeling and looking better. I don’t like going outside much because I’m scared I will be left. Being on the end of a leash, however, I feel secure and can enjoy the outdoors. If you are familiar with Bulldogs, I have a great sense of humor and make people smile with the noises I can make. I’m a good girl looking for a forever companion.


Gender: Female
Size: Medium 20-90lb
Full-Grown: Yes
Primary Breed: Bulldog
Rescued From: Cobb County Animal Shelter
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with children: Yes
House Trained: Yes

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