Windy's Story...

I sat anxiously in my cell at the county shelter. It was about time for the county shelter volunteers to arrive. This was the highlight of every dog’s day because the volunteers would ensure each of us had outside time for a bathroom break and play time. Not every county shelter has the fortune of such a good volunteer base as Cobb County. Finally, it was my turn. I walked through the aisles of barking dogs to the door that would lead me outside. I learned to be grateful for every moment I had outside in the fresh air and with my human friends who cared so much for me. One day I overheard them say that I had been placed on the “Urgent List”. I didn’t know what this meant but I assumed it was not good given how upset my human friends were. A knot formed in my stomach as I thought about my former people and wondered why they had not come to get me. Returning to my cell, I curled up on my bed feeling lonely and scared. Would I get out? Could I ever trust a human again? I faded off to sleep, but in my dreams I could still hear the frantic dogs in the shelter who were barking expressing the same anxiety I was holding inside. A couple of days later, people approached my cell. “Haven’t seen these people before,” I thought knowing it was a little early for the volunteers to be arriving. I went outside with the new people who were really nice to me. “Maybe they will help me,” I thought as I wagged my tail in appreciation. As they put the slip lead around my neck, my heart sank as I expected to be returned to my cell. But wait … I was being led a different way … down the corridor and out the door in which I had come in months prior. I was getting out!! At Our Pal’s Place, I met new people who immediately started caring for me, ensuring I was comfortable and happy. I relished having a lot of outside time throughout the day and especially enjoyed walking the trails with the youth volunteers. My favorite person is Ashley (3rd picture), an OPP intern. But, she has left for college … I really miss her! My dream is to have my very own companion with whom I can share leisurely walks, spend time with and still be allowed some independence to do my own thing … I am a Shepherd after all! I prefer to be the only 4-legged companion in the home and in return I will be the most loyal companion ever!


Gender: Female
Size: Medium 20-90lb
Full-Grown: Yes
Primary Breed: German Shepherd
Rescued From: Cobb County Animal Shelter
Good with other dogs: No
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Yes
House Trained: Yes

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