Belle's Story...

My story is not uncommon unfortunately. I was living a good life with my family when all the sudden I am put into the car, taken to the county shelter and handed over. As I’m being tugged down the hallway, I look over my shoulder to see my family leaving without me. Why would they leave me?! They told the county worker that I was good with kids and housetrained. I had always been a loving, loyal companion. I just don’t understand why they abandoned me. In the county shelter, I was terrified. There were so many scared dogs like me! Some bark obsessively to relieve their stress while others, like me, sit quietly praying for help. It is a hell I wish upon no one. The county workers and volunteers do their best given the situation of pet overpopulation that they are forced to deal with. If it wasn’t for the county volunteers, we would never get to go outside. I was so grateful when Our Pal’s Place got me out of the shelter! At O.P.P., I know I am safe and sleep a lot better now! I have K9 Coaches who are teaching me that riding in a car can be a good thing and are teaching me polite leash manners. I love to explore the outdoors and then cuddle up with my people friends when back inside. I even got to go on a field trip with a prior O.P.P. adopter and spend time in her home. It was so much fun and I was a really good girl! The smile has returned to my face and I anxiously await my new family to arrive and take me home!


Gender: Female
Size: Medium 20-90lb
Full-Grown: Yes
Primary Breed: Black Mouth Cur
Rescued From: 
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with children: Yes
House Trained: Yes

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