Rachel's Story...

Have you ever been so scared you couldn’t gain composure … could barely stand? That was me in the county shelter. I belly crawled wherever I went, cowered to other dogs and just prayed that one day someone would save me. That day came and I am so grateful!! Most pitties don’t make it out of county shelters because people think bad of us. I’m asking you to please don’t be like others and misunderstand me because of my breed. Yes, I am a large, strong girl, but my heart and intentions are gentle and kind. I long for a calm, quiet home and someone who will love me unconditionally. I will be the most loyal and loving companion in return. At O.P.P., they have taught me how to have confidence and to remain calm when I get scared. I have a beautiful sit and love to play “zen”. My favorite game is “hide and sniff” … I’m really good at finding treats that my friends hide for me! I am learning how to be petted … that didn’t go so well for me in the past. If you have a special heart for a misunderstood breed, then you are special … just like they say I am!

Dear Santa,

My Christmas wish list is "training treats" which my friends use to teach me good manners and to play "hide and sniff". I also want a jar of peanut butter.  When I am in my crate, I enjoy a bone stuffed with peanut butter just before a good nap!

Thanks Santa!

Love Rachel


Gender: Female
Size: Medium 20-90lb
Full-Grown: Yes
Primary Breed: White Staffordshire Terrier
Rescued From: Cobb County Animal Shelter
Good with other dogs: Unknown
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with children: Unknown
House Trained: Yes

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