Ashton's Story...

My life has been quite the journey! It all began when I got lost from home and ended up in the county shelter. One of the wonderful county shelter volunteers, Sherry, named me Buckles and took extra good care of me. When my family did not come and get me, Sherry alerted Our Pal’s Place and they rescued me. I’ll always be grateful to Sherry for taking such good care of me! Once at O.P.P., I became a volunteer favorite! I had only been there a month when my new companion found me. I remember being in the Welcome Area with my friends Jennifer and Colleen during adoption hours that day. The door opened and in walked a man who I instantly felt a connection … and based on the look on his face, he felt the same! I overheard him tell Jennifer and Colleen that he was a truck driver and was looking for a co-pilot. Jennifer and Colleen took me to the 18-wheeler to see if I was ok with it … it was so cool!! I will always be grateful to Jennifer and Colleen for helping me transition into my new life! For 6 years, I was a truck driver co-pilot and I loved every minute of it. At the end of last year, I developed a thyroid issue which has been resolved with medication. But, my 6 year companion decided that it was time for me to retire from my truck driving co-pilot career. I have to admit when I returned to O.P.P., I was down and depressed about the forced retirement. Then I started seeing familiar faces and felt the love and warmth of O.P.P. that I knew before. As I’ve contemplated where my journey will take me next, the thought of settling down in a stable home environment and being off the road does sound appealing. I would prefer to be the only dog since I’ve been such for a long time now. I’d also prefer either to be with adults or older kids. The main thing is to be with people who will be faithful to me for the remainder of my years … which are many! I can out walk, out drive and out perform any youngster! Life is just a journey and now I look forward to seeing where my journey will lead me next.

Update!!  I have found my new career! One day out in the big fenced yard at Our Pal's Place, my friend Kendra introduced me to a soccer ball. What a lot of fun! Kendra and I practice soccer frequently and I am now preparing to audition for Atlanta United!


Gender: Male
Size: Medium 20-90lb
Full-Grown: Yes
Primary Breed: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Rescued From: 6 years of being on the road
Good with other dogs: Some
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with children: Some
House Trained: Yes

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