Companion Match is Our Pal’s Place process of helping people find a pet companion that is a good match for their home and lifestyle. Our goal is to help people adopt and save the life of an orphan pet rather than buy a pet. Our Companion Match process consists of 3 steps:

  1. Meet our dogs/cats to determine if we might have a pet companion match for you
  2. Submit a Companion Match Form which helps you think through what you are wanting in a pet companion and helps us determine if there is a match
  3. Schedule a Meet & Greet where we bring the dog/cat to your home so you can see them in your environment, and we can determine if it is a good match

If there is another pet in the home, our trainer and her team will schedule a time for introductions. We can move as slow or fast through the Companion Match process as you desire and schedules permit.

O.P.P. Pet Adoption Facility: Our Pet Adoption Facility is located at 4508 Canton Road in Marietta. We are open to the public Saturday and Sundays 1:00-5:00pm and weekdays by appointment.

Meet Our Dogs

Meet Our Cats

General Assistance: If we do not have a good match for you in our Pet Adoption Facility, our Companion Match Team will look in county shelters for a potential match and consider pets who are being re-homed to help you find the pet companion you desire. Complete the Companion Match Form and let's get started: Companion Match Form.

Re-Home Requests: View our courtesy postings of dogs/cats who are being re-homed by their people: COMING SOON


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