Are you only open on the weekends? 

Our Pet Adoption Facility is open to the public on Saturday and Sundays 1:00-5:00pm. We can do weekdays by appointment.

Where are the animals during the week?

The dogs and cats in the care of Our Pal's Place are housed in our Pet Adoption Facility. We have four shifts of volunteers who come in throughout the day to care for them. That's why volunteers are so important to our operations!

I have a dog/cat that I need to rehome. Can I bring them to you?

The space in our Pet Adoption Facility is reserved for dogs and cats rescued from "death row" in county shelters. We do not accept owner surrenders. We will help you rehome your dog or cat by posting and alerting potential adopters of them. We have helped many people rehome their pet.

Please note: Abandoning an animal is against the law. Our Pal's Place is monitored by cameras. We have and will turn in video to the authorities and prosecute if an animal is left abandoned on our property.

Can I do community service with you?

Our Pal's Place is a 501(c)3 organization and can sign-off on community service hours. We hold community service volunteers to the same high standards of our volunteer-base. All community service volunteers must complete New Volunteer Orientation before volunteering with us. Our ReHome Superstore also accepts community service volunteers.


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