Pet Overpopulation means there are too many pets and not enough homes. The consequence is in the state of Georgia an estimated 62% of pets who go into a county shelter are killed only because there is no space for them.

County shelters in the southeast stay full with stray pets, owner surrenders and abuse/neglect cases. When more pets walk in the door, the county shelter is forced to euthanize to create space for the newcomers. Rescue organizations like Our Pal's Place try to get these pets out before they are killed. When people adopt from a rescue or county shelter, it opens space so the county doesn't have to euthanize when the next dog or cat enters the shelter. This is why it is so important to adopt, not buy!  Couple this with spay/neutering to prevent more and more litters of puppies and kittens when there are already not enough homes for the ones here, the problem of pet overpopulation can be resolved.

Be Aware! 

Pets in county shelters include:
Stray Dogs & Cats
Owner Surrenders
Abuse & Neglect Cases

When the shelters become full, they euthanize orphan pets to open space for new pets coming in


Adopt from a rescue or county shelter! Don't buy from a pet store.

Spay/Neuter - If you want a puppy or pure bred dog, go to a pure bred rescue or the county shelter.


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