YOU can help the animals by just being aware of the solutions to the problems that they face!

Pet Overpopulation

When county shelters become full, they are forced to euthanize for space. This is because of "pet overpopulation" which means there are too many pets and not enough homes. The consequence is in the state of Georgia an estimated 62% of these orphaned pets housed in county shelters are killed only because they do not have a home.

The Importance of Adopting

Adopting a dog or cat from Our Pal's Place, another rescue or a county shelter saves multiple lives! By adopting from Our Pal's Place, you are giving an orphan pet a home AND opening space in our Pet Adoption Facility. This allows us to return to the county shelters and rescue more orphaned pets. And, by opening a space in the county shelter, they don't have to euthanize for space. By adopting a pet companion, you are touching many lives!  

What Buying Means

Buying from a pet store or breeder who just wants to make money means condemning the life of breeder dogs to inhumane conditions. Ask a pet store where they get their puppies from and they will tell you good, reputable breeders. Ask a good, reputable breeder why they are breeding they will tell you they want to keep a bloodline pure. Ask them further if they will sell their puppies to a pet store and they will tell you "no". Why? Because they are concerned about the well-being of their puppies and want to ensure they go into good homes. When breeding is a business, it is nothing more than about making money.

Why Spay/Neuter? 

It's hard to talk about spaying females and neutering males when looking at pictures of cute puppies! We challenge you to think about the 62% of puppies, adults and seniors who are killed in county shelters only because they do not have a home. Wouldn't it be better to get pet overpopulation under control rather than bringing in more and more litters of puppies and kittens who may never have a rescue story and know a home?


Legislation can impact the well-being of animals, including our personal pets. If you can spare 10 minutes in your busy schedule, you can have a tremendous impact helping animals!

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